/Friday, 24/11/2017 of Gemini: sensitive and intelligent

Friday, 24/11/2017 of Gemini: sensitive and intelligent

Today, Moon 45 degree Mercury, this angle makes Gemini feel completely dependent on his personal judgment. Sometimes we are sensitive and intelligent, but not necessarily our own. So listen to the opinions of more people before hastily impose your feelings on it.

If the appearance is the first element that men pay attention to when suddenly giving a girl a look, intelligence is the key to whether or not you are the choice. So, to attract men not only look after your appearance, but you also need to equip yourself with the knowledge about life so that anyone near you does not feel bored.

Start saving the smallest amount. You do not have to spend a lot of money at a time, but if you cut your expenses a little bit, then you will have a significant savings.

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