Friday, 24/11/2017 of Taurus: eager for everything to happen easily

Mercury 45 degree Jupiter shows that you are eager for everything to happen easily. But the more easily this life becomes, the more likely it is to lose, so concentrate on the process rather than expecting results.

This Friday you planned to sleep for the next weekend. Of course, you need to rest after stressful working hours, but the reality of sleepiness can not help you “save” days of sleep deprivation and long-term consequences are still unknown. It is better to have regular sleep habits.

When you are sad often tend to meet people want to share but so the listener psychological pressure and the same time raised doubts, feel bored. So, instead of saying you can write and tear that shoe off, it’s enough to make you feel better. And do not forget the habits of people happy to feel love, love more people.

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