/Monday, 15/01/2018 of Capricorn: response and excitement

Monday, 15/01/2018 of Capricorn: response and excitement

The Moon in the position of Capricorn shows you are too serious, timid and uncomfortable in situations that require impulse response and excitement. Remember that this life always has interesting surprises. Therefore, instead of being uncomfortable, let’s welcome what life brings.

Avoiding risk sometimes will only isolate you from the best. Give yourself the opportunity to try something new, if you do not like it, maybe later on you will like it and it will be a stepping stone for you to move forward on your career path.

Do not be too hard on yourself, just relax and remember that you also have the right to peace, happiness and love. Being patient and fulfilling duty, when given the emotional promise, you will try to fulfill to the end, so that your love is very durable.

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