/Monday, 18/12/2017 of Aries: do not be so extreme

Monday, 18/12/2017 of Aries: do not be so extreme

Moon on the Sun is a way to look at the problem is quite one-sided. Do not be so extreme because in any situation you can also transform the negative view into positive. This life has a strange arrangement but all aim to make you have better things every day.

Men promise, women trust. Men promise to please their women, women are easy to believe because they often expect in others too much. So do not assume that your love does not matter your appearance, even if he says: You’re still pretty. Maybe he is still in love but will not be proud to be with you.

The effect of toxic waste to the body, now there is no scientific evidence clearly. Therefore, if you intend to detoxify, you must be careful if you do not have the time to get sick without understanding why.

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