/Monday, 18/12/2017 of Sagittarius: exciting and fun

Monday, 18/12/2017 of Sagittarius: exciting and fun

Moon in Sagittarius shows that you live very optimistic, exciting and fun, people like to be with you. You have an endless dream to learn as much as possible about metaphysics, religion, philosophy, and other profound themes. You are curious What is the difference between STAFF and PROFESSIONAL?

It’s okay when you do not treat yourself well despite being sympathetic to others. You tend to torment, torment and constantly blame yourself when you make mistakes. If you do not love enough, how can you love others? Yes, it is only a struggle, pent up and then it will be time to break things. Learn to forgive yourself.

Winter should pay attention to avoid cold, need to take the most effective measures to fight the cold, absolutely not allowed to gas penetration of the body. Parts that need to be kept warm in winter include three important positions: neck, back, and legs.

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