Monday, 18/12/2017 of Virgo: the Moon’s equivalent of the Sun

Today, the Moon’s equivalent of the Sun indicates that Virgo tends to be one-sided by narrowing the view. You either force someone to think of you because they think you are right and others are wrong. In fact, no one is right or wrong completely, but it depends on the circumstances and goals that the person is aiming for.

Your irritation will make people around you feel dissatisfied and distracted while working. Instead, keep smiling and cheerful because the joy is always easy to spread and no matter how difficult it may be today, you will feel satisfied.

Scientifically eating is when you eat more fish than red meat. Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids does not contain saturated fat like red meat, which is good for health, preventing obesity and heart disease. You can reconsider your diet.

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