/Monday, 20/11/2017 of Virgo

Monday, 20/11/2017 of Virgo

Moon 60 degrees Saturn indicates that Virgo is thoughtful, serious, careful in everything, but sometimes conservative because of his prudence. You have excellent personal qualities, and you will have the opportunity to advance in the job.

Do not let the fear fill your mind. Trying to love someone unconditionally when you are around 30 without a love affair is important. Only unconditional love will help you be ready to confront and overcome all obstacles to your relationship, which will surely happen in life.

Grilled batter disrupts the body’s normal biological clock, causing the cerebral cortex to be suppressed over an extended period of time, leading to insufficient blood supply to the brain, making it unappetizing. day. So, there’s no reason to sleep in your bed every morning.

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