Monday, 25/12/2017 of Cancer: you are loyal

Venus coincides with the effects of the past that make it difficult for you to start a love affair. However, you are loyal, serious and respectful of family honor, only you have not found the right partner only.

In cold weather, if you cover your nose with a scarf, the water that we breathe and breathe out can become water. Then, cold air will pass through the waterproof fabric that becomes harder to warm when entering the body. This can increase the risk of chest pain, bronchitis and skin irritation. Ideally, do not cover the nose with a veil, but use a separate face mask.

The end of the year is the discount offer but do not buy something just because it is discounted much. If you keep buying things like that you will be wasting money. Instead, you should make a list of what you want to use and the amount expected.

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