Monday, 25/12/2017 of Gemini: financial management is not your strength

Venus 45 degree Jupiter show that recently Gemini spend extravagant, can say, financial management is not your strength. You exaggerate things and have a pesky sense of yourself too early, for example, you have not received the money from a project you have rushed to buy before.

The spirit of cooperation with colleagues is very important. Listen to your colleagues and boss in a positive way, and treat others the same way you would expect to be treated again.

If young children do not know how to do household chores, only eat good food, when grown up will not be suffering, can not be independent, rely on the parents. So, do not pamper your child today, no matter how big or small, the child is still a member of the family, so you teach responsible children through helping you do the housework.

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