/Saturday, 20/01/2018 of Aries: constrained by your limitations

Saturday, 20/01/2018 of Aries: constrained by your limitations

This Saturday’s Aries looks a bit overcast. You have all the ideas in your head but not how to express them all. Feeling constrained by your limitations, you are trying to break out of your own path.

The moon is about 45 degrees from Pluto, and you also have trouble at work because of bad guys jealousy and pouring money into marketing. The things you never thought before were taken up on the head, Aries can not stand the warmth so can handle quite fierce.

Maybe you should learn to control your emotions and find a way to handle the problem in peace without compromising your self-esteem instead of touching too many people. Not to say that it takes time to accumulate experience for yourself.

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