Saturday, 2/12/2017 of Gemini: may be bored with the work it is doing

As the moon slowly moves to the area of ​​Gemini, this constellation may be bored with the work it is doing. You know how to do a lot of things, that also means the desire to explore the constellation. Therefore, when you go to the reel, you want to leave.

You love the feeling of being inventive new things in your own thoughts. You are not afraid of failure, because you know that only failure can lead to success, even failure is the foundation, to push us to come closer to success faster.

Good judgment, Gemini quickly get used to everything. Nothing can make you too much, unless you do not have enough time to learn it. So when the grace has dried up, you see nothing to hold on to stay with the current job that wants to leave the shirt.

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