Saturday, 25/11/2017 of Taurus: have a lot of sadness in heart

Venus and the Moon are perpendicular to each other, the secretary of the 12 constellations shows that Taurus seems to have a lot of sadness in his heart. The frozen wind is back, but your heart is cold because the ones you love the most can not harmonize with each other.

Your family is not very supportive of the relationship between you and the person, although not prevented but also expressed dissatisfaction. You want to please the family, but not abandon the love is sweet. You get confused when you do not know how to please everyone.

When the spirit is down, you are easily cheated by others. Being sad, even believe, easy to put trust in others, Taurus hear people say what is listening, but not to testify, until the money is gone to break the new, then it is late.

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