Sunday, 03/12/2017 of Sagittarius: the situation is so rich fortune

Venus is 120 degrees Saturn, you are very strong financial ambition to make money in any way. As long as this constellation is focused, it’s really about making yourself feel good about yourself, not about others. The situation is so rich fortune.

Sagittarius should be very poor health, you often get drunk after the gathering or stay up late. This affects a lot of the body and reduces the work efficiency so it is necessary to plan a specific adjustment, not too long will lead to serious problems.

Love to go, even if you are hiding, but Code can not deny that you are vibrating right. Being a person who lives instinctively and follows nature is so timid this time. Are you afraid of the past, worry about the future? All things are uncontrollable should be ignored, enjoy any happiness.

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