Sunday, 03/12/2017 of Scorpio: you lose money because it is believed and easy to believe

The moon is 135 degrees Saturn, you lose money because it is believed and easy to believe, because the feelings that are used to lead to cheating no less. Not only the money but the constellation also lost loved ones should feel both angry and heartbreaking. This is a costly lesson that you will remember for a long time.

Scorpio for love has just boldly bold, you have very interesting but childish way to make the relationship of two people argue a few times that very quickly. Actually human scorpion is also very cute, just worry about being worried, afraid of being betrayed to make me a little.

Pay attention to your health, but now no matter what happens but you stay up late and eat so blamed, so late also born sick. Study the way of scientific activities, serious of Taurus, and good body is good for beauty, physique.

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