Sunday, 03/12/2017 of Virgo: unhappy, affect the spirit, decay the body

Jupiter’s moon with a 180 degree angle, you get drunk with the detailed dating plan to your details without calculating the time taken. You want the other half to agree, but unfortunately no one spare the end of the year to run after such things.

Depressed because of denied Virgo sad unhappy, affect the spirit, decay the body. You do not come to the point of not eating and drinking but feel that he does not really spend much for his feelings so uncomfortable. Mind hard to treat, simple but abrasive physically.

It is best to spend time on work because at least you try to be rewarded, the more diligent the fortune. This constellation can begin to work out plans to boost revenue for the end of the year, to do more or to do business on the occasion of year, very good.

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