/Sunday, 10/12/2017 of Aquarius: reading is very useful

Sunday, 10/12/2017 of Aquarius: reading is very useful

Venus is perpendicular to Neptune, reading is very useful, both increased knowledge and entertainment should be worth the investment time and money. In addition, you can also invite friends, lover or relatives to walk around the city to buy books, explore the good things that you usually have less time to learn.

Aquarius travel is not very good, when the road should pay attention to lure car accident or lost, collide with others. Avoid going out, limiting to crowded crowded streets or alleys, watching and mastering your speed.

When talking to pay attention to the time, feeling unhappy or poor atmosphere, it is best not to speak. Avoid getting yourself into trouble does not deserve or inadvertently hurt the other, invisible words that have knives, think new words open.

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