Sunday, 10/12/2017 of Libra: 45 degrees from Jupiter

The moon is 45 degrees from Jupiter, unstable because you work so hard that you do not have a good rest, and the old one is recurring so the situation is not good at all. Last weekend, set aside all the busy and reward yourself a really free session, you do not want to fall ill.

Libra for money without greed but quite sensitive so the opportunity to find yourself, you know how to control yourself, not bogged down in the risk of good income. The more you add, the more you try to arrange, do as much as possible forget that the body is not going to tolerate it.

The main task is not so much, there are commentators of children’s comments lead to controversy, although you have explained the explanation but does not seem very effective. Need your superior to decide if not everything will go too far, out of control.

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