/Sunday, 10/12/2017 of Taurus: you express your full emotion

Sunday, 10/12/2017 of Taurus: you express your full emotion

Venus is perpendicular to Neptune, love is like, you express your full emotion, expressed heart with that person, frankly the things that make the song so pleasant relationship a lot of. Prejudice, the principle is relaxed, you are free to pursue the joy and enjoy the romance.

Taurus, who is not good at expressing emotions but today you are motivated and motivated so much more brave. Responding to the results that make you forget you have quite a lot to do. At the end of the day rush to complete so naturally can not be perfect as required.

The health is good, with small points to note that should not eat too much sweets because you will have problems with oral health as well as skin. In particular, loaded with sugar increases the risk of dangerous bone diseases, blood vessels, myocardial infarction, stroke.

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