Sunday, 12/11/2017 of Libra

Follow the horoscope on 11/11/2017, today’s Moon with Jupiter angle 120 degrees so you are very interested in information entertainment, love reading tabloid and gossiping with people. It is a holiday, free chat gathering for fun is also okay but do not be too silly on the useless, time consuming.

Libra is a temperamental temperament, but can not tolerate silence, so for those who deliberately cause the will not lightly but directly opposite, to show the air to the enemy. The momentum is over.

The feeling is more and more exciting, making you excited because perhaps the enemy is very sympathetic with Libra. Make sure you have the opportunity, plan clearly, and walk away. If you are still shy, turn on the green light so that both have the opportunity to learn more together, gradually fostering the relationship.

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