Sunday, 12/11/2017 of Virgo

Moon in the Virgo Palace so your temperament becomes tighter than ever, meticulously examining each and every one. In particular, calculating money causes you to argue with others just for the slightest bit of gain. Not everyone is happy, but everyone has a bad impression of this constellation.

Virgo is starting to discover new things, you have ambitions and set a new goal for yourself. At present the willpower is very high, so even if you are on holiday, you are working enthusiastically. Although not able to know the results, but this spirit is praiseworthy, continue to try to.

Common charm, with the character as you look, even if the coast to run shoes, how many people you threatened. If you really want your love life to flourish more should be liberal, relaxed, open, do not be too strict rules.

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