/Sunday, 14/01/2018 of Aries: makes the wrong decision

Sunday, 14/01/2018 of Aries: makes the wrong decision

Today, the moon coincides with the 120-degree Uranus, which signals the troubles of emotion and work has yet to leave. The spirit is not awake, so this constellation makes the wrong decision to make the career stand still love deadlock, the same monster, the two sides pressed together.

Aries is emotional, you give what is true, will resolutely do, not listen to the advice of others. Therefore, your colleagues stop you from doing what you want, the result is catastrophic, affecting the other people, the effort to throw the river to the sea, the frustration is full of repression.

With such a bored mood, when meeting with the white sheep who do not show a good face, say through a few sentences to correct the dilemma, making the two sides feel depressed. So you are very happy, why do not you make it so hard, so foolish.

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