/Sunday, 14/01/2018 of Capricorn: still not resolved

Sunday, 14/01/2018 of Capricorn: still not resolved

The moon is moving towards the Capricorn, the financial problem is still not resolved so you are a little depressed but not so abandoned. More difficult this constellation also experienced so calmly trying to find the best way for her, remove step by step.

Work and affection have a certain amount of progress, which is the driving force that also helps to make Capricorn more confident in themselves. You can share the boredom with the other half so it is more relieved, though not help but he will comfort and shoulder to shoulder with you.

Changing a bit on the way to the end will probably see something new, discover more interesting things about life. Do not frame yourself within a certain limit, nor do you mold yourself and force yourself to comply. You can open yourself freely.

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