/Sunday, 14/01/2018 of Scorpio: you get a lot of money

Sunday, 14/01/2018 of Scorpio: you get a lot of money

The moon is 45 degrees from Jupiter, and you get a lot of money thanks to the help of others and the good fortune in the process of earning money. Having a good time, work to earn more, have more accumulated, not just spend the benefit of offline.

Scarecrow attention to health, you are likely to encounter accidents or unexpected incidents that damage the body. Dangerous things, the best risk not to do, no matter how good the income do not risk yourself is the most valuable thing, if any problems certainly lose more.

Weekend contact with relatives to meet, foster affection and visit each other. Your coldness makes the relationship a little far off, needing to be reconnected. In times of trouble, this is the basis for Cable Cap to feel stronger, because you are not alone.

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