/Sunday, 17/12/2017 of Aquarius: wobbly with your love story

Sunday, 17/12/2017 of Aquarius: wobbly with your love story

Moon with 60 degrees Neptune, you wobbly with your love story and despite all to find a love but the more wrong the wrong. With no ambiguous mind, no solid foundation, no decision-making, you not only hurt yourself but also implicate others.

Aquarius should focus on the work instead of pursuing the non-intentional sentiment. Now you have a lot of opportunities to develop your career, creating momentum for yourself in the new year, do not be a bit shaky to miss. The work also helps the constellation retreat to see what he really wants, needs and should do.

The financial situation has stopped, it is not as good as before, partly because you spend a lot, the other part is the secondary income is no longer, only income from the main job. Therefore Bao Bao should plan for the next time, what is not important should not use money, avoid needing to borrow everywhere.

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