Sunday, 17/12/2017 of Capricorn: The moon coincides with Venus

The moon coincides with Venus, the love that embraces emotions sublimated and fresh, full of romantic inspiration. Whether you are a long-term relationship or a new acquaintance, you also receive the care, careful calculating, making yourself as the most important people, the most precious in the world.

Ma Let’s work and fortune is quite good, you know how to balance life and career so the weekend does not spend too much time on the task but without hesitation. In the morning work will be more effective so get up early and complete the necessary plans, from noon until the end of certain days have to rest.

Your health is less affected by the weather, so protect your body, avoiding the cold or windy conditions. Out is not a good choice, may be together with relatives friends gathered at home or dating in a private place, warm to not get cold but still fun.

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