Sunday, 17/12/2017 of Libra: are distracted both in work and personal feelings

The moon is coincident with Mercury, you are distracted both in work and personal feelings, lack of concentration needed to lose connection with the people around. The two sides exchanged unclear information leading to misunderstandings, he said chickens she said duck, self-inflicted on each other, the conflict is also predictable.

Libby left the thought in his heart with his lover that he wants to understand. Surely this is not possible because people are not you. Be more open, want to be directly said frankly, whether satisfied or satisfied must also create a connection with the enemy, not cold, self-right.

It is also important to have clear communication with colleagues, to express their views and to accept the opinions of others, complement each other. Sometimes it is not worth it to just say one word or two, but it is not worth the delay.

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