Sunday, 17/12/2017 of Sagittarius: are totally unfit to work

The distraction and desire to float the soul is very clear, so you are totally unfit to work, the more you mess up, the more you do wrong, so it is best to spend time off Let’s go to work, do things we like, do not try to work, only work.

Sagittarius is confident, brave, strong and free in love, enough for them to know what they should and should not do. In the immediate future is difficult or happy, the constellation is still receiving the calmest, most enthusiastic way to create a good path.

Signs of health have some notable points, chest pain or shortness of breath. It is possible that the chest, lungs and respiratory system of this constellation are not healthy, you need a specific test to understand the situation, timely have a solution but do not try to tolerate and ignore because of that it’s not important.

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