Sunday, 17/12/2017 of Taurus: will spend a day of peace and comfort

The moon coincides with Mercury, you will spend a day of peace and comfort, all aspects are not worrying. With a whole day of physical and mental excitement like this, you should not be locked up in the house, go out for a walk, look at things, learn more about life around or travel to rest. change the air.

Taurus can give co-workers along to go to strengthen affection sticking close, good relationship, work well together and help each other more. This helps your career move fast and also has the effect of making the working life of this constellation pleasant, less stressful.

Get out of the car with moderate cash and limit the value, but not too clear, but omen you will lose or forget the furniture, money there. It is best to put all your belongings in a sturdy, lightweight pocket and always carry it with you to avoid loss.

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