/Sunday, 17/12/2017 of Virgo: Mars angle of 45 degrees

Sunday, 17/12/2017 of Virgo: Mars angle of 45 degrees

Today Venus matched with Mars angle of 45 degrees, you are a little lost in the process of handling emotional relationships that make things turn bad. It is possible that the expression of this constellation causes the opponent to be unrequited and unrequited, as if it is an excuse that people are wrong, behave wrongly. Too young, emotions can not control it, no one who decides that they like people, then one must also like me again.

This time the mood is not happy, it is best to avoid mentioning this issue but focus on the work is more. Now that the new year plans have been completed, if you are late, you will be over-reprimanded and lose the opportunity to compete with other competitors.

Get out of the way, Virgo’s health is not bad but sitting in a lot of places will make you weaken, body fatigue and reduced resistance. Take a break today, let someone run or jog, it will be a great experience in this weekends release.

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