Sunday, 19/11/2017 of Virgo

Martian perpendicular to Jupiter, social relations develop in a positive direction, although not many close friends, but this constellation meet people well-mannered, easy to say makes human heart bloom, impressive also good better than Taking this opportunity to take advantage of the familiar circle, later to take advantage of work and life.

Virgo is a caring and considerate lover, you pay attention to every little thing of the enemy. But it’s a little tired, you let yourself loose a bit, also for people to breathe a little, is not that child anymore, but take care of each other, careful also angry.

Health slightly less because of physical decline after several days of stressful work. You need to take care of yourself, nourish more nutritional food as well as proper rest, not because of too much attention to the lover but ignore yourself, the disadvantage only you.

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