Sunday, 21/01/2018 of Aries: issue of money

Moon is about 45 degrees, take note of the issue of money, balance your spending to avoid mistakes leading to financial difficulties. This is a period where you have no control over yourself, it is easy to swing your hands over your forehead and buy unnecessary things or spend money on unnecessary, wasteful purposes.

Aries for sincere serious affection should receive the appropriate compensation. This is the happiness when there are conditions to support, really cherish as well as keep the two sides feel comfortable, comfortable in their love. Singles are vibrating, enjoy this sweet ambiguous time offline.

Your health is not good, the resistance decreased compared to the previous time so susceptible to infection, so white sheep do not subjective. When outdoors, wear warm clothing, avoid sources of polluted air, sources of disease, or where wind is cold. Special attention to nutrition and rest to nourish the body.

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