Sunday, 26/11/2017 of Gemini: more complicated

Moon match with Mars angle of 135 degrees, you have a fierce temperament makes people feel a little scared. Having problems exchanging this constellation also up the tendon, the redness of the ear makes the situation more straight. The way you handle things becomes more complicated and more complicated.

Gemini likes to master everything but you can not force people to listen to their will, such work and love. Learn to listen more, be more interested in finding common ground instead of trying to grow up. The relationship between people can not be from one side, must reconcile the two sides have good results.

The ideal place to relax is the library, where quiet and filled with books can help you calm down, find relaxation in the soul and most importantly acquire the knowledge. helpful. Intellectuals will know how to regulate emotions and live with others more civilized.

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