Sunday, 26/11/2017 of Leo: love to connect with people around you

The Moon is 60 degrees apart, and you love to connect with people around you, so you can gather your friends. Humans are relaxed, enjoy traveling and having fun, partying, stirring the air during the weekend.

Leo likes to flirt with other people to show their charisma, digging flowers so the number of people put you in sight not less. But watch out, you know that is also the object that someone is directed to play the love game, the cheater will meet the person only time, fun to stop at the right time, Law of cause and effect in Love often comes early, do not take lightly

If you like to play to be healthy, so that next week to go to work, do not stay too late at night to wear a tired face to work. Love yourself properly, enjoy a healthy life, science.

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