/Thursday, 14/12/2017 of Leo: is rather insecure and anxious

Thursday, 14/12/2017 of Leo: is rather insecure and anxious

Saturn and Moon are 45 degrees apart, today Leo is rather insecure and anxious. Although you have worked hard to achieve your goals, deep down in you feel lack of confidence in the results. You are afraid of failure and feel it is going to happen.

Maybe Leo should get out of the shadow of the past. Maybe before that you fail, but that does not mean you will always fail. There are many factors that determine the success of people, but it is certain that if you lack confidence, the probability of failure will be greater.

Do not be afraid of what is going to happen, because it is destined to be destined. The appearance of it is for a specific reason, just as you will learn many lessons from the failures you have ever encountered. It is important that you stand up and find your way out.

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