/Thursday, 23/11/2017 of Scorpio: contradict yourself

Thursday, 23/11/2017 of Scorpio: contradict yourself

Scorpio may be entangled in complex emotional vortex without knowing it. Neptune and Moon lie 45 degrees apart, you contradict yourself when reality and imagination are intertwined, you just see what you want.

In fact, in front of you, you do not believe in it, but try to deceive you. You do not look directly at the truth because of the fear of being hurt, being disappointed in the person you love most, no matter how bad or bad the person is.

The health of Scorpio during the day is not very good. Many things happen that make you tired too. Take a good vacation, do not think too much, ask for the help of friends around, so they give you advice on the immediate issues.

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