/Thursday, 30/11/2017 of Taurus: has patience and calmness

Thursday, 30/11/2017 of Taurus: has patience and calmness

The moon gradually moves to Taurus’s area, where the constellation has patience and calmness. This will help you make a lot of decisions regarding financial matters. Sober and wise, unaffected by external factors, you will have money in your hand.

However, perhaps today is not the day you want to spend comfort. The money you earn is divided for each task, careful caution, not because there is much money throwing money through the window. What is more precious than this virtue, Niu may be rare enough.

You are stubborn and do not obey, even knowing that the person is completely right. Learn the secret of the 12 zodiacs, the ego so big you do not want to admit the fact that you were wrong. But, do not have kids like that. There is nothing to try to live trying to die to keep the excesses, even to the person you love.

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