/Tuesday, 05/12/2017 of Leo: your relationship is stable

Tuesday, 05/12/2017 of Leo: your relationship is stable

The moon is 180 degrees with Uranus, you do not have too much luck in the financial but the revenue is quite stable. This constellation is easy to buy, buy expensive, buy low quality goods at high prices should be careful when shopping, preferably by experienced people to consider before deciding.

Leo does not have a lot of flowers, but your relationship is stable, towards the things that are long and serious. Taking this into the future is a bit far, but it certainly will not be a blush sooner or later, you can hope for more.

When work is not necessarily bad, you need a breakthrough, more initiative to assert yourself rather than just looking for good fortune. This will be the basis for your salary increase, promotion or bonuses in the coming year. Let your superiors know your potential to increase your welfare.

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