/Tuesday, 05/12/2017 of Libra: health is not good

Tuesday, 05/12/2017 of Libra: health is not good

Moon with Jupiter angle of 60 degrees, love for you is the unexpected unexpected, always full of expectations together excited. You like interesting relationships, worth looking forward to every day, preferring to spend your time on people who make you feel attractive and want to chat with.

Libra works and money always has a respectable focus, although not hardworking but hard work when you are finished meticulous and devoted to responsibility. This time the competition is not small because everyone wants to have a good review so you pay more attention offline.

Health is not good, mainly because you are subjective with your body, live arbitrarily and use many harmful foods such as fast food, red meat, fat, sugar, salt, alcoholic beverages. , Do not give yourself to the hobby, adjust the diet today.

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