Tuesday, 05/12/2017 of Sagittarius: health at an alarming state

The moon falls to Uranus at an angle of 180 degrees, health at an alarming state due to the impact of the external environment. Maybe you are exposed to air pollution or weather allergies, breathing a lot of dust, poor respiratory system, unhealthy people, susceptible to dermatitis and eye disease.

Sagittarius can not be arbitrary in this time because you are quite busy with work. Fortunately, there are not many obstacles, so you just concentrate and work hard to get good results. You want to excel, of course, need some more intelligence, more gray matter.

Code Note when using the money, it is necessary to take into account a reserve, may not need in the end, but at the end of the year many things, if there is any copper when it happens unexpectedly will not go back to have to borrow. borrow. Things that are not necessary, not in the mandatory limits should be cut off.

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