Tuesday, 05/12/2017 of Taurus: may be a problem beyond your control

Today, the Moon is 60 degrees Celsius, the constellation has a very unfortunate day, only the health and money is temporary, less worries, and work is more variable. Unexpectedly, there may be a problem beyond your control.

Taurus is helpless before the disagreements, controversy conflicts with colleagues. The parties did not agree on the plan so the progress of the work stagnated, no prosperity even back up, the air tension, affecting the feelings. After this, the impact of this to you is still very heavy, lost connection with the partner.

Love is not mainly because you are too passive and cold, do not dare to reach the person you like or do not pay attention in the dating. Partly because the mind is focused on work partly because Niu chan is really confused with his choice should behave causing others to disappoint.

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