Tuesday, 12/12/2017 of Gemini: Moon is perpendicular to Pluto

Today the Moon is perpendicular to Pluto, be careful of those who say goodbye, smile, friendly looks good to you in the belly of a dagger. Colleagues also do not trust too much, with the project plans for certain work must be absolutely confidential, self-employed or not robbed at all.

The financial situation is quite smooth, there are backers for Gemini but you need to clarify the rights and responsibilities of the two parties before eagerly using that amount. Lost before the heart, the more careful the less annoying later, for the hard to determine the more the need for witnesses of many people, even the law again.

The love of the baby Like a whirlwind, strong fierce but also fast passing. You feel the emotional change in your heart and share it with the enemy, do not hide anything. It is a way for two people close and find a common voice, gradually adjusting themselves in harmony with the other half, avoid breaking the middle of the road.

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