Tuesday, 12/12/2017 of Sagittarius: you believe in your own feelings

Moon aligned with Venus 120 degrees angle, you believe in your own feelings with the spirit of the most fervent and bright. Even though the event has not been small, the constellation is still optimistic and cheerful, facing all with the brightest smile because you believe in kindness, kindness and sincere love that always exists. .

Sagittarius is straight, tolerant, not persistent, negative feelings do not distract you, work downhill but very quickly will regain the balance only because you know how to accept reality and overcome a difficult spectacular way. Tam hard times, do not be discouraged, today through tomorrow things are completely different.

At this point you are excited to move, to travel or to a new place. If you can not go to work, go to work, work or school for example. If you want to have a lot of ways to go, make yourself satisfied and relieve stress in the heart.

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