Tuesday, 12/12/2017 of Scorpio: which aspects of the constellation are also stable

Mercury coincides with the Sun, except for fortune, which aspects of the constellation are also stable, not much to worry about. You need to preserve your pocketbook, avoid theft and prevent theft. If the investment projects are listening, the school is more careful, if you are planning to start thinking more carefully.

For work, Scorpio is willing to put himself in a high place, the goal must be large to take it as a motivation to remind themselves to try harder, more effort. It is good but do not over pressurize, you will make a mistake in the pursuit of the purpose.

Remember to wear warm, do not deliberately despise the weather, especially in the early morning and evening. Although not good physical strength but winter is more likely to catch a cold or hit the wind, headache, a little bit more careful. Also not healthy stomach do not stay up late, do not think too much, at rest, have to stay well.

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