Tuesday, 12/12/2017 of Taurus: the more you try the more distant love

The moon with 120 degrees angle, the more you try the more distant love, perhaps that person has been cheating you for a long time but this constellation does not recognize it. To give up is the only way you can choose, to calm yourself, to forgive oneself is to forgive your love, to the past sleep.

Taurus is alert enough to anticipate the situation that will take place in the workplace, but when actually faced with it, limb stiffness, loss of composure to almost complete failure of work. Perhaps your preparation for this mission is not enough, it will take a little longer.

Although there are many things do not like to come to the tuna but still very concerned about their health, not let themselves suffer. Only healthy is enough to resist and face difficulties, so you live in moderation, practice regularly, try to be optimistic and positive things will pass.

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