Tuesday, 12/12/2017 of Virgo: the love is more and more difficult

The moon is 180 degrees with Neptune, the love is more and more difficult to make you feel your faith is collapsed, Too many things rushed to make you dizzy, do not know how to handle The right and also do not know how to face, the current escape is not the best solution, but the best way to calm you down.

Virgo loses control over the affair so it affects the work, you are quite ignorant and have some minor mistakes but fortunately do not cause serious consequences. You are still alert enough to not go too far, keep the position that you have to try a lot to get.

Pay attention to financial matters, you need help family members but can not tolerate all the items because the constellation itself is not abundant. Things that can help get the answer, beyond the ability to speak out to discuss settlement, avoid the situation alone.

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