Tuesday, 13/12/2017 of Aquarius: can achieve success thanks to its concentration

Moon 60 degrees Saturn brings the hint that Aquarius can achieve success thanks to its concentration. So, life is short, time consuming for the wrong things but instead focus on your task then you have time to help others.

Changing your drinking habits in a more scientific way is also a way to increase your resistance, improve your health. Have a glass of warm water before each meal: Drink morning water after waking up about 10 minutes before exercising and breakfast, before lunch and before dinner about 10 minutes.

Take a look at cleaning your home as you clean your mind. Dispose of things that you have not used in the next six months. Do not regret keeping old things with the thought that you can use it again later. Do you want your room cramped with a bunch of old furniture that you do not use?

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