/Tuesday, 14/11/2017 of Aquarius

Tuesday, 14/11/2017 of Aquarius

The Moon is in perfect harmony with Neptune at 135 degrees, the rise of your fortune is clearly visible, the earnings are many and tend to expand. This constellation focuses not only on one job but on the other, investing in several other fields to diversify their finances.

Busy with the money but Aquarius understand that it is necessary to maintain the main work to promote, you get the help of superiors and colleagues a lot, the transport is not obstructed, everything is in agreement. It should be moved, responding to the love of others to keep the relationship.

Note, love is still healing, do not cause unreasonable, only tired, small things temporarily, not to pick up. Two people need a date to warm up the emotions, chat together, create space to solve all misunderstandings, closer intimacy.

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