Tuesday, 14/11/2017 of Cancer

The moon coincides with Mars, your work is not bad, basically no matter what hinders the results. The more busy the end of the year, the responsibility is heavier, can not be subjective, need to actively show up to have the opportunity to advance next year.

However, the financial resources are not agreed, the fixed source revenue is regular but no additional income, the bonus is not to Cancer. Part of themselves not enough to stand out, only to work alone but not actively strive; On the other hand, the luck of the crabs is quite poor, making it easy to make some mistakes leading to the loss of money.

In addition to self-correcting the spirit as well as the ability to work, the League should extend social relations, acquaintances with more people to improve the human resources. These people will be very helpful to your career, do not miss the opportunity to go back, build affection affection close to build their own.

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