Tuesday, 14/11/2017 of Capricorn

The moon makes up the sun at a 45 degree angle, your sincere interest makes the other half touched and happy, the relationship increasingly harmonious, mutual understanding. Singles can find their love by virtue of honesty and honesty, it will be a long-term relationship, promising together to consider the future.

Capricorn is a man who hates work, do anything to do the same reassuring. That is why sometimes you put pressure on yourself, always go to the lead, do not give inferior to anyone. Success in the career is good but still need time to relax, rest to health care offline.

Investing in high risk areas should be careful, thorough investigation of all information. Even if you want to get high profits, you have to take risks, but do not blindly follow greed, which will inevitably fail. At times like this, be truly rational and calm.

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