Tuesday, 14/11/2017 of Gemini

Moon 120 degrees with Mercury, you have to pay special attention to health. Weather in winter, although the temperature is not low but early in the morning and dark wind, the road should be warm enough to avoid cold. In addition, stressful work hours will make you depressed, need a proper rest to relieve pressure on the body.

As a person with a lot of bright ideas, Gemini quickly grasped the work, offering appropriate solutions to speed up the process. In particular, it is the good idea that will bring this constellation of money extremely well, with a substantial increase in revenue, and a great deal of money. In the coming time this will be a good direction that you need to persevere to pursue.

The reluctance of the child is the sincere feelings and warmth of the neighbor. Although your time is not much, the dating or attention to the other half is still lacking but he is not angry but very understanding, sharing, regularly listening and giving comments. really for you.

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